Single Mom Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

Updated: 06/16/18

Single Mother Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

Single Mother Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be considering introducing your new him to your children, right? After all, it’s the holiday season, and you want to enjoy the holidays with all your loved ones, including your new man.

But before you get caught up in the holiday feel-good moment, as a single mother, here are four things to consider before introducing your new man to the children this holiday season:

(1) Single Mom Dating: How Well Do You Know Him?

Your children are precious and innocent gifts from God. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are providing a safe, happy and secure home. If you don’t know this gentleman well, do you really think it’s a good idea to expose this man to your most precious gifts?
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Mrs. Rhee
(special guest blogger and new co-host of No Single Mama Drama Radio)

It is no secret that we are experiencing the highest national unemployment rate in over 20 years, 10.2 percent to be exact, and, as a result, employers are handing out furlough days like Christmas candy; salaries are being frozen, with no increases in sight; and, food banks are no longer just servicing the homeless—now, middle-class families need a helping hand, too.

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Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Already!

Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Already!

As a single mother, one of the most significant relationships that you will have going forward is with your child(rens)’s father. Whether you like it or not, once the relationship is over, it’s over and you need to move on.

But how do you move on when the hurt runs deep?

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Do Single Mothers Create More Single Mothers?

In this Hello Beautiful article, Black and Married With Kids, asks the question: Do Single Moms (who successfully raise their kids without the help of a male counterpart) teach their children that men (fathers) aren’t necessary, thereby creating more single mothers?

So, I ask, (1) are you teaching–by example or words–your girls that men are expendable and your boys that it’s okay for them to walk out of a relationship/marriage, especially if the woman is strong and self-reliant?  (2) Do you think that we, single mothers, are responsible for the breakdown of the family? (3) What about the fathers?

ATL Housewife: Kandi’s Ex-Fiance Murdered

ATL Housewife: Kandi’s Ex-Fiance Murdered

Kandi & AJKandi Burruss’ (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) ex-fiance,  Ashley “A.J.” Jewell,  was murdered last night in an ATL strip club, The Body Tap Club, located at the 1200 block of Marietta Street in Downtown Atlanta.

According to news reports, A.J. got in an alteration in the parking lot of the club, where he received a fatal blow to the head. AJ was part owner of the club.

View WSBTV’s slide show of the crime scene.

An employee of the club, Frederick Richardson, has been charged with voluntary manslaughter–not murder–and is being held at Grady Detention Center in connection with the crime.

Like The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Then try reading Desperate Hoodwives!

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