Planners: 3 Reasons Why Single Mothers Need Life Planners


Being a single mother is hectic. You have the kids, work, and just life–and doing it solo can be ultra demanding.

As a single mother, I could not have made it without organization and planning.


Anytime I had too much on my plate and decided to forgo the planner–things went from disorganized to chaotic. Juggling school activities, household duties, doctors’ appointments and just plain old life is enough to stress anyone out. As a result, I live and die by my planners–especially when I have a lot to do.

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Book: Queenology by Pastor, R.C. Blakes, JR


Author, Pastor, YouTuber, R.C. Blakes, J.R.’s latest book, “Queenology” is a follow-up to his best-selling, “Father-Daughter Talk” and “Soul Ties: Breaking the Ties That Bind

According to R.C. Blakes, Jr. the “Father Daughter Talk” diagnoses a woman’s self-esteem issues and “Queenology” cures those issues.

Buy on Amazon for $13.99

As a pastor, R.C. Blakes, Jr. gives Christ-centered, no-nonsense advise in a loving, fatherly way.

Pastor R.C. Blakes, Jr gives great dating advice as well.

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10 Things Every Single Mother Should Know About Money Management – Part 1


As a single mother, one of the most challenging areas to deal with is money – or, to be more accurate, the lack of money.

Not every single mother is struggling financially, but I was and, from the many comments and questions about money on I get on this blog, I know many of you are, too.

Whether your financial struggles are due to not making enough money, not managing your money effectively – or, in a worse scenario, the combination of the two:

No/Low Income + Money Mismanagement = FINANCIAL DISASTER

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$25 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12 (Updated 5/2018)

$25 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12:


Christmas Gifts for Ages 9-12 for $20 or LessNot sure what to get kids ages 9-12 for Christmas–especially with a budget of $25 or less?

Don’t even think that you can’t possibly find great gifts for under $20 because you know what? You can!

Here are some great Christmas gifts for ages 9-12 for $25 or less:

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Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Under Must-have List

Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Less Must-have List

Mrs. Rhee (special guest blogger

$20 Christmas PresentsChristmas Gifts for $20  & Less – Yes, we can!
I’ve put together a Christmas gift suggestion list for all age groups and everything is under $20.00!

I know you may be thinking “What kind of gift could possibly cost under $20?” but I’m here to tell you the selections are vast.

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