ICE CREAM AND POPSICLES FOR KIDS: How to Make Healthy Frozen Treats

It’s Spring and with Spring comes a wonderful array of fruit.

So, why not have the kids make yummy ice cream and popsicles out of the fruit?

Check these videos out, featuring kids making these tempting treats:

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Sewing 101: Get Your Sew On With Mimi G – Part 2 of 3

Sewing 101: Get Your Sew On With Mimi G – Part 2 of 3




Mimi G Introduction Sewing Basics

So, if you read Sewing 101: Get Your Sew On With Mimi G – Part 1 of 3 in this beginner sewing series, you know the benefits of sewing. If not, please go back and read it. Now that you’ve read Sewing 101: Get Your Sew On With Mimi G – Part 1 of 3 , you’re ready to get your sew on with Mimi G and her video courses. Some are free like this Introduction to Sewing Course.

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Recipes: Taco Tuesday- Chipotle Bacon Tacos – The Kitchenista Diaries

Taco Tuesday: Chipolte Bacon Tacos - The Kitchenista

Looking to try something new for Taco Tuesday? Well, The Kitchenista Diaries has a new twist on tacos. Check out her Chipotlee Bacon Tacos …Yummers! Click the picture to be taken directly to the recipe.

Divas Can Cook: Skinny Girl Pasta Recipe – Yummers!

Oh, how I love this girl’s cooking channel. Every recipe I have tried, so far, has been easy to make and has turned out great! Check this yummy-looking recipe out and, if you try it, let me know how it turns out.

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Mrs. Rhee

Now that you’ve got your mind right from Part I and Part II, you’re ready to put your plan into action with my top 9 holiday spending tips:

1)   Establish a Realistic Budget and Use the Envelope System:
Take a realistic look at your finances and bills and establish a budget for (1) holiday food and (2) gifts. Allocate amounts for each and place in two separate envelopes, labeled accordingly. Seeing it in writing does two things: (1) it forces you to make a contractual agreement with yourself, which is more difficult to break and (2) it serves as a receipt holder to keep a running total of your spending.

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