Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Got single mama drama? Need advice? You’re in the right spot.

I became a single mother officially when my son was six months old and unofficially (if you know what I mean) since I was six months pregnant–and, now, I’m an empty nester and grandmother.

I survived single parenting and you can, too!

As a single mother, I made every mistake in the book and still managed to raise a loving, well-adjusted, gainfully self-employed entrepreneur and side hustler–all by my lonesome, without child support and, for the most part, no involvement from his father.

From welfare to homelessness to homeownership; a healthy six-figure income and countless side hustles, I’ve been where you are at some point and would like to help you along your journey if I can:-)

Make no mistake about it, single mamahood is challenging, to say the least. I’ve made more mistakes than I thought I would, but I also learned some valuable life’s lessons that I would not trade for anything. I’m stronger and wiser because of it–and you will be, too.

So, again, need advice? Get advice here from me and other single mothers by posting your question(s) here.

Ms. No Single Mama Drama (NOSMD)

2 thoughts on “Ms. No Single Mama Drama

  1. Im 17 i have a son thats 14mnths. I want to get over my baby daddy but everytime i try it doesnt work we live together so it makes things harder. He’s the first person ive been in love with and he’s the first person that has proposed to me. Im still in love with him but he’s not good for me please help me.

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