Armless NASCAR engineer Richie Parker Inspires You to Know That You Can

After watching this video about Richie Parker, a NASCAR engineer, who was born without arms, there is no reason to EVER fix your mouth to use the words, “I CAN’T”.  Being born without arms and told constantly that he would not be able to do certain things, Richie Parker could have bowed out of life and used his circumstance as an excuse–and we probably would have given him a pass to do so.

Must-watch video of armless NASCAR engineer, Richie Parker’s, inspirational story.

As single mothers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with our circumstances, but we have to focus on what we can do, just like Richie Parker does.

If God blesses you with a difficult child or you find yourself in a difficult situation, know that God will not put you in a situation that you can’t handle.

Take a look at  Richie Parker’s parents, for instance.

Richie Parker’s parents were gifted a beautiful son. Yes, he was different from other kids, but look what he has accomplished–without arms.

Look at his spirit.

Look at his eyes.

Can you see the joy?

Richie Parker’s parents knew Richie was different. And they knew he would have to navigate the world differently than other kids. But Richie Parker was no less a blessing to them, as any other child is to his/her parents.

So never question what God has done. If God does a thing in your life–whether you understand it or not–believe that He has a purpose and a plan for it. You just have to be open to receive that thing as the true blessing it is.

When you find yourself overwhelmed and ready to say you can’t, remember Richie Parker’s story of inspiration. And if this man CAN DO things that we take for granted by simply adjusting his mindset to do them in a DIFFERENT way, imagine what you could do with your born-with-all-my-hands-and-feet self.

As single mothers, we sometimes complain way too much about things that don’t matter. We worry about the wrong things, things that we can’t change, for instance. When, in reality, there are people who are grateful to have any opportunity and enjoy the simple things in life, like driving a car, just like Richie Parker.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be a do-er.

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