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Single Mother Resources | Single Mom Resources | Resources for Single Mothers

This is a really good website for single mothers. Resources include articles on relationships, financial management, parenting, dating, education and more.

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Get Over Baby's Daddy Cheating

Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Cheated Already

Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Cheated Already

So, your baby’s father did the unthinkable–he totally betrayed your trust by cheating on you. You’re angry, hurt, and disappointed and all becaucouple-holding-handsse your baby’s daddy turned out to be a lowdown dirty dog, right?

Well, that may be true, but what good is it doing you and your children?

When we are hurt, it is easy to focus on the negative, but that does nothing but continue the cycle of negativity. And, like the Laws of Attraction say, “You attract what you think most about”. So if you’re constantly wallowing in negativity, guess what? You’re going to attract more negativity.

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