Sewing 101: Get Your Sew On With Mimi G – Part 1 of 3

Sewing 101: Get Your Sew on with Mimi G

Mimi G Fashion & Sewing Blogger

Mimi G Fashion & Sewing Blogger

I love when I find interesting people making hot, new things. Mimi G is one of my favorite DIY bloggers. Not only does Mimi G teach you how to make simple and chic clothing from patterns she designed, she teaches you how to rock them, too. And, when I say Mimi G has a the DIY-style on lock, please believe me.

If you’re like me, learning to sew or getting back into sewing is probably on your list of things to do – someday. My mother is a great seamstress and, in the seventh grade, I learned to sew, but I haven’t sewn a single thing since. I keep promising myself I’m going to register for a sewing class, but I haven’t. I wanted to ease into it and not be locked into a set schedule. That’s when I came across Mimi G and her sewing channel and blog, where she offers sewing empowerment (lol, yeah, I said it), sewing tutorials, fashion tips, product reviews and the most fun contests. Warning: Mimi G has a lot of hard-core fans, so when she announces a contest, you better be ready:-)

So, what are you waiting for? Not sure if you should invest time and money into a sewing? Well, let me point out a couple benefits to sewing your own clothes:

    For the price of a budget-friendly sewing machine, a few yards of fabric, and a couple of patterns, you can create affordable clothing for you and your children. Just think, with one sewing pattern and five different colors/patterns of fabric, you can have Mimi G’s pencil skirt and blouse (shown above) in many different combinations, for much less than you would pay in a retail store.
    Single moms want to rock hot clothes, too. Because you’re making your own creations, you can express your creativity any way you’d like to. You’re not limited by another designer’s vision and creativity. Show off your unique style with a wide variety of fabric, colors and accessories.
    This low-cost hobby is easy to start and it can become part of your family time, especially if you have girls. Just imagine you and your girls sitting around the table sketching out designs–then, bringing them to life, right in the comfort of your own home. Sweet, huh?
  • SIDE HUSTLE – Need a work-at-home side hustle? Why not start your own clothing line for babies, children or adults? You can create hot clothing solutions for overlooked niches, like tall and plus-sized women. Or, start a costume shop. The sky’s the limit.

Watch Mimi G’s intro video to find out all about her blog:

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