Single Mom & Accused Murderer Casey Anthony Back in Court

Single Mom & Accused Murderer Casey Anthony Back in Court Today
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Single Mom Casey Anthony Accused of Killing Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Stands Trial for FraudOrlando, Fla. – Single mom Casey Anthony, accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, is back in court today.

Anthony’s defense team is arguing that the death penalty should be reserved for “the worst of the worst.”

Say what?

Is the killing of an innocent and almost three-year-old child–scratch that–is the killing of your own two-year-old daughter not the “worst of the worst?”

Single Mom Casey Anthony is accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter Caylee AnothonyAlthough, Anthony is innocent until proven guilty, I consider anyone who takes the life of an innocent child, “the worst of the worst”. Period! And, especially if the accused is the person who gave that child life–it’s just inconceivable.

But that’s not the only, to use the defense’s words, the worst of the worst.

What’s really bad about this case are the facts–and the lies.

Fact #1: Two-year-old Caylee Anthony went missing in mid-June of 2008 but wasn’t reported missing by Casey Anthony; instead, it was Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, who reported her granddaughter missing a month later.

Fact #2: Caylee’s little remains were found a mere half-mile from the family’s home in a wooded area in December 2008.

Fact #3: The coroner’s office ruled Caylee’s death a homicide.

Fact #4: Caylee’s mouth and nose were covered with three pieces of duck tape.

Fact #5: Chloroform traces were found in Casey Anthony’s car. Google searches for “Chloroform” and “neck breaking” were found on Casey’s Anthony’s computer. The prosecutor has asserted that Caylee was “chemically and/or physically restrained.”

Discovery on-demand video:
Mothers Who Kill

Fact# 6: Casey Anthony claimed that her child was kidnapped by her nanny, Zaney the Nanny (Zeneida Gonzales) (but see fact #1) who none of her family or friends had ever seen or heard–and Casey lived with her parents, who never saw this nanny. Police have been unable to find the so-called nanny.

Fact #7: Special circumstances–in this case, the death penalty–can be applied in murder cases, where the victim is under the age of 12.

Fact #8: Casey Anthony went to court on March 25, 2009 to answer questions of whether or not Anthony’s attorney can represent her in trial and as agent for film and book rights to the “Casey Anthony Story.”

Fact#9: Casey Anthony is a long-time pathological liar–who has a habit of lying about everything to every and anyone who will listen–for no reason at all. Both of Anthony’s parents, at one time or another, have confirmed her as a liar.

Fact#10: In 2008, Casey Anthony was caught on tape and later charged of stealing checks from her friend in the amount of $700, during the time Caylee was “missing.”  Anthony goes on trial in January on the fraud charges.

Fact #11: While Casey Anthony’s daughter was missing, Anthony was out partying and getting a tattoo, “Bella Vita,” which means “beautiful life.”

Fact #12: Both parents reported smelling a “bad odor, like that of a decomposing body” in their daughter’s car.

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Again, Casey Anthony has not been convicted in court of murdering her daughter–but things aren’t looking good for her, either.

From not reporting her daughter missing, to all the lies Anthony has told surrounding Caylee’s disappearance, to trying to negotiate book and film deals before her adorable little girl’s body was even cold–as they say, “something, something just ain’t right.”

As a trial junkie,  you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be glued to the trial when it starts in late 2010. And you know I’m going to keep you posted!

Get the full back story of the Casey Anthony Trial here>>

What do you think about the Casey Anthony trial?

(1) Casey’s mother has been quoted as saying, “Casey may be a liar, but she’s no murderer.” Do you believe that?

(2) Should this be a death penalty case? Why or why not?

(3) What do you think about people and, especially mothers, who kill children?  Should there be special punishment for these killers?

(4) Do you think Casey’s behavior while her daughter was missing is atypical? Do you think there’s something suspicious about a mother who is photographed partying while her daughter is missing and who does not report her own child’s disappearance?

9 thoughts on “Single Mom & Accused Murderer Casey Anthony Back in Court

  1. I agree a mother who kills is the worse of the worse! However fact 1 needs to be fixed just a little when the child was finally reported missing it was by Cindy Anthony not Casey the mother. Sorry, that is one fact I still can not get passed. Great post and I will be looking for more. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Hey Laurali1!

    Thanks – great catch. I fixed it.

    Yeah, that is a horrible fact. How can you not report your child missing and be out partying while your child is missing. Sounds too suspicious to me.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!

  3. Now, now, let’s not pick on Casey here. She may start to cry. “The worst of the worst” is a relative, judgmental statement, and Casey is a long way from looking an ogre!

    However, perhaps someone out there can list for me what constitutes the worst of the worst, approved for death penalty, at least by the defense’s definition. One who killed 10 Caylees?

    • Hi Ideas!

      From what I can gather it seems like torture. But for a child who is too young to protect themselves–especially from someone they trust, if that’s indeed the case here–would that not constitute torture?

      No one has a right to take anyone’s life, but to take a child’s, is just disheartening. It just shouldn’t happen to these innocent little angels who deserve our love and protection.

  4. Great article….I will reserve judgement for the entire facts of the case but the facts that have been revealed thus far are pretty damaging..I felt her mother gave it away when she said her car smelled as if a body was in the trunk (then back tracked and said oh maybe it was just trash) husband ( a homicide detective) says you will never mistake “decomposition smell” for “trash”…it aint gonna happen…..If she killed her daughter then she should pay the maximum penalty “her life”…..

    • Hey Rhonda!

      Your judgment should be reserved–but Casey Anthony’s own strange behavior makes it really hard to do.

      That’s why cases are tried on fact and not public opinion.

      I pray to God that she did not do this horrific crime, but if she did, she deserves to be punished to the highest extent of the law–just like any other criminal.

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  6. Sorry to anyone this may offend, but this girl killed her baby then partied like there was no tomorrow. She will have to answer on judgement day. But as a society, we should all ostracize her. This is like OJ Simpson. If the courts can’t doll out the proper punishment, then the citizens can choose to ostracize them!

    • Exactly. Even if Casey didn’t kill her own child, it looks odd for a mother–with a missing child–to be partying and carrying on like she did. You’re right. She will have to answer to God, like we all do, for her actions. Thanks for commenting.

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