Single Moms: FICO Reveals Dirty Credit Score Tactics

Single Moms: FICO Reveals Dirty Credit Score Tactics

If you’re a single mom, who has been working hard to maintain a good credit rating or have been trying to raise your credit score, take a look at some of FICO’s (Fair Isaac Corporation) recently revealed dirty tactics.

This revelation, of sorts, details not only how the agency scores your credit, it also includes roughly how many points your score will drop with certain credit infractions–and there are many.

FICO Score: Who will rely on these FICO score dirty tactics?
Since mortgage lenders, car finance companies, certain employers, insurance agencies and other companies use the FICO score as a tool to extend credit and services, get educated on the do’s and don’ts of credit use.

Read this article from Bankrate on How Credit Affects Mortgage Rates, even if you’re not in the market for a house. It’s great information for cars and other high-ticket items that you may try to finance.

FICO Score: Here’s more information on how these FICO score dirty tactics will affect you and your credit?

While there are many resources, here are two that get right to the point:


(2) Spend on Life

Knowledge is power!

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2 thoughts on “Single Moms: FICO Reveals Dirty Credit Score Tactics

  1. I always knew about my credit score, but it seems there are 2 kinds. After reading your link to, now I finally understand it all. Thank you for the incredible information you provide the rest of us. In case you didn’t already know, it is greatly appreciated by the rest of us.

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