Fathers Who Kill to Avoid Child Support Payments

Fathers Who Kill to Avoid Child Support Payments

Los Angeles, California
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Los Angeles, California–Cameron Brown–who had no interest in his child whatsoever–is accused of throwing his four-year-old daughter off a cliff  at Inspiration Point to avoid paying $1000.00 a month in court-ordered child support.

Brown, 47, is being charged with the murder of his four-year-old daughter, Lauren Sarane Key, along with the special circumstances of lying in wait and murder for financial gain.

Two trials have resulted in juries deadlocking as to the charge–1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder or manslaughter– resulting a mistrial. No one voted not guilty.

Brown, who denied the charge of murder, saying it was an accident, is in custody.  Read the full story>> and Cameron Brown Trial Blog>>

Dad Kills Son, Throws Him in Bag and Claims Kidnapping
New Orleans, Louisiana – Danny Platt, 22, claims to have been under a lot of pressure when he was $4,000 behind in child support payments. So, to relieve himself from the overwhelming “pressure”, he decided to kill his two-year-old son, Ja’ Shawn Platt during a visit.

To cover up his crime, he called up his exwife and told her that three men, armed with AK-47s, had kidnapped their son and abruptly hung up the phone. Platt eventually confessed, saying that he was either going to kill his wife or his son. Read the full story here>>

Is it really that serious? To the point where you have to kill your kids to avoid paying child support?

36 thoughts on “Fathers Who Kill to Avoid Child Support Payments

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  8. Hi Swait!

    I know, right! It really ticks me off when people hurt innocent children–especially their own and, especially, for something as insignificant as money or child support payments.

    You can always earn more money, but you can never bring a life back once you’ve committed murder.

    There’s never an excuse to hurt a child like that, never!

  9. Yes society and courts drove men to this point. A man has no input, rights, and is court ordered to pay (even if he has no job) a huge portion of his earnings or goto jail. Judges can order widely varying amounts and heard horror stories from many friends. Plus it’s retroactive so you can get a bill in the mail for 7 or 8 grand and pay it or goto jail AND pay 400 or so per month for the next 18 years. Doesn’t sound like much but try losing your job and between legal bills, threat of jail, and an uncooperative woman that is only wanting money…well the situation can very quickly spiral out of control.

    I like how women pretend they don’t want a kid, lie about it. then get knocked up by accident and view it as a pay day for the next 18 years.

    Im not saying what these guys did was morally right, but I can understand how it got to this point. If you basically are living the life of a slave or threatened with jail…well you might take desperate measures. I’ve debated putting a gun in my mouth if the situation got that bad. Don’t want to hurt anyone else, but would consider being dead over being a slave for 18 years to pay for a kid I’ll never see.

  10. this has got change ,be cause if it dont the modern day slave might stop killing his kids start killing his slave master who created this problem in the first place.The way i look at it is the goverment are/pimps you see they already get tax money from you now they use child support as a front/babymama/whoes.So you see you spend your hole life paying pimps and hoes

  11. not all women are like that…my childrens father left us and for the last 5 years ive let him pay support based off of only 1/3 of the income that he truly has..so I could have been getting triple the amount that I have. Now they want to raise the amount and he is furious. I fear that he will harm the children if he doesnt get his way on the amount. he sent an email telling me all the things he doesnt have like a boat etc. I dont have a boat either, but these kids growing up do have needs. I was with him for 15 years and I know what a dark place his heart/mind can be in and come from. Im scared to death for my kids. feel like nobody is taking me seriously because they dont want to think about it…

  12. and no I didnt get pregnant to trap him into a 15 year pay period. we planned our kids together and worked hard together to have a home and everything until he slept with a 20 year old girl..I lost that house and everything we owned that I had helped pay for all that time…not all women are the same…

  13. men can only see matters one way . which is their way , they cant see that for the next 18 years the women is the one to be responsible for a child that didnt come into this world by only the women , men also did them too. now i can see we have different types of women one that see childrens as a profit and those who do actually care of their kids and know they cannot maintain them with one salary. because i do not agree that men can clean their hand from their responsibility .while they play hookie with another female .

  14. Simple fact, child support is not fair. In most cases the woman ends up with 3 incomes, hers, her live in boyfriends, and her ex’s (tax free), while ex daddy gets to support two households with one paycheck. He has to pay support, usually arrears, because it’s impossible to keep up on child support with the unrealistic strain they put on fathers, insurance, percentage of medical bills, has to pay for food when the child is in his care also…and then she gets to claim the kids on her taxes. He gets to sit in the dark when his electricity gets shut off, or have to live on a friends couch, while she gets to fly off to Disney World. Granted, sometimes the court is fair, but for the most part, daddy’s get screwed, and then society wonders why they snap?!

  15. Good for them! I wish ALL men ordered to pay child support would kill their children
    Maybe then he courts would rethink those bullshit laws.

  16. The stress to these fathers, to pay outlandish amounts to attempt to support two households is at times unbearable. They are often homeless, sleeping on a friends couch, or under a bridge, and no one cares whether they live or die, as long as mama can support her new live in boyfriend, eat lobster, and go to Disney Land. If a woman is on welfare, the state sets a ridiculously low amount for what is “needed” to support a child, but some fathers child support is set well beyond what children actually “need”, and in the mean time the father is destitute. Its not hard to understand the capability of “snapping” under the pressure of a system that says, momma spread her legs, now you are not allowed to support yourself, because you made the “mistake” of having a child. That is what the court system makes children to displaced fathers, bills and mistakes. Sad, but too true.

    • These fathers put themselves in positions to be stressed out. We all have the power of choice. We have the power to choose who we sleep with and who we create life with. If they didn’t take their time to get to know the woman or they didn’t take the time to wear a condom, they are responsible. I’m sure they weren’t forced to have UNPROTECTED sex with thee women, so child support is a consequence of not being responsible before the fact. The lesson, take the time to learn who you are sleeping with, they might end up being your baby’s mother or father.

  17. Although it has been commented that there is no excuse to do something as horrible as this over something as insignifigant as money… Starvation can make people do crazy things.

  18. To be able to understand killing a child over money is STUPID. When you have sex your penis can ALWAYS be covered by a condom you provide. No child asks to be born. Unless you are super rich you will not be ordered to pay child support that will cover all that a mother has to provide for the child alone. Being with a child 24-7 is something you can NEVER pay enough for. Why should you be allowed to see your child when you clearly couldnt love him nor have any idea how tough it is to take of one as a team or on your own. Dont have unprotected sex if you are not ready to be responsible for creating life. REAL MEN take responsibility for their actions they don’t blame others for them.

  19. Real men get screwed every day and when they fight back they always get the same dirty laundry thrown in their face. The bottom line here people is this. this LAW has caused countless situations of unnecassary violence towards women and children. So by saying you support child support you are basically saying you approve of senseless violence for women and children. I know this is hard to swallow but it is very sad but very true…

  20. Mr. Donellson :
    Good for them! I wish ALL men ordered to pay child support would kill their children
    Maybe then he courts would rethink those bullshit laws.

    Are you insane with that comment?

  21. Mr Donnellson, wish someone would get rid of you whoever you are, you are insanely sick, you should be locked up for life just for saying that SICK comment, God I hope you don’t have children. You are as thick as a plant of wood, sick, disgusting human being, I despise ‘men’ like you. I hope you go to hell where the devil can sort you out and the same goes for any other so called men who think men can kill their kids to avoid child support. Stop sleeping around and cover it if you don’t want children you thickos, otherwise learn to enjoy such a wonderful priviledge as a child.

  22. Most men or women are not like that, they become like that soon after they file a case for child custody and/or child support. If you never been in this situation before is hard and almost impossible to understand what kind of stress the court system caused to those men or women to kill their most precious thing in life (their own children) I do not agree or believe on violence and I am not going to make any excuses for none of them, I personally think that everybody were part of those tragedies and only one is paying for it. We already know what kind of monsters are does parents that did those atrocities. I do not know what happened in their marriage or throughout their divorce but I kind of have an Idea what really happened, let’s start with “MOMS”. Maybe they should educate themselves and others about statistics on dating, choosing the right person, getting married, having kids, getting divorce etc. Parents have the same right whether they are male or female why jeopardized that? When you do that it just becomes nasty and a lot of cases tragic. We need to start on making better decisions in life and respecting others like you own kids opinion (not the opinion that you as a selfish parent put in your kid’s head)like wanted to grow in a healthy environment. Your kids did not make the decision to choose their parents why make them choose who they want to live with? Or kill them softly by forcing them to grow in a dysfunctional family. I know that you will have a hole bunches of excuses to not accept the reality but together we can make the difference in the civil/divorce courts and starts with you….! God bless America and help us all…

  23. Killing a child to avoid paying child support is horrific. However, while i would never kill my greedy ex wife it is only because I haven’t lost everything (yet) and wouldnt want to go to jail. I say these greedy parasitic women who are killed are getting what they deserve, and I would call their murders more self defense than anything else.

  24. There are several more ways any disgruntled fathers can use to take their bargaining power back with the courts that aren’t covered in this article and have a lot less severe consequences but are covered extensively in this new book on how to avoid child support – http://www.getoutofchildsupport.org

  25. All of you who justify killing a child here should be ashamed of yourselves. Even if the laws are unfair and the father is struggling, this does not justify murder of anyone let alone ones own flesh and blood. Can you just imagine these men in these moments looking their own beautiful child in the eyes and brutally killing them? After reading these comments I lose more and more hope in humanity. Also blanket statements are ridiculous such as all women are gold diggers and all men are jerks that don’t care for their child. Each case is unique. Lastly I agree with those that point out it takes two to create a child. Men can carry and use birth control as well to avoid this situation to begin with. It’s a huge task to be a single parent and the absent parent should be required to help.

    • Absolutely! There is never an excuse for killing a child – especially for something as trivial as money! You can always make more money but you can never replace a precious child once that child is gone. Absolutely disgusted with these sperm donors.

  26. I see a lot of woo me on here, what men need to do is what i did, take the kid. And no its not kidnaping if noone has custody granted by the court, i walked out with my child on a monday, went to court on Tuesday, and have had her for the last 14 yrs her mother sees her every other weekend and for 2 weeks at the end of the summer. And she has a good job( i know ppl where going to try and say she was crazy or on p.a.) she works for NY state, i own a tattoo shop. She pays 17% of her salary but i kick 7% back to her for the weekends. So all the fathers crying if you dont want to pay, then you need to parent, and take your kids with you when its over.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment AND thank you for doing your job as a father! Absolutely, not everyone is made to parent. That’s why there are so many kids in the foster care system, etc. People like to bash women that choose not to be the primary caregivers for their kids because society expects women to want to be mothers–but not every women is capable of providing for her child the way each and every child deserves. I prefer a mother be honest with herself and admit that she either doesn’t have the time, financial resources, skills or desire to be a full-time, hands-on custodial parent than do a poor job parenting. It’s not fair to the kid, mother, father and the community. Kudos to you for respecting her decision and taking on the primary caregiver role.

      Peace and many blessings

  27. I never hear anybody in a situation like mine I meant what I thought was the woman of my dreams but little did I know it was the woman of my nightmares we got married and had two children we were together 9 years and I was very happy and I thought she was too we were married 7 of those nine years everything was normal then one day she came home early from work and was in a bad moodI was excited to see her I knew it was her half day at work I asked her what was wrong and she told me she wanted to separate is it me like a fist to the face I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I tried to fix things with her I tried to get her to go to marriage counseling but nothing worked so I moved out I couldn’t stand to live there with herfeeling so hurt and so un wanted I ended up getting a studio apartment that’s all I can afford I only make 1200 dollars a month and she makes twice that I told her I could pay her 250 a month in child support she seemed like she was okay with it at firstI was making ends meet but it was very tight and I can’t find another job because I still watch my son during the day have to work at night but in the state of Missouri they only count overnights and I only have 8 overnights a month but if you count the hours I have them 12 and a half days a month and I still pay $250 a month I also have to feed the kids ninety six meals a month along with other expenses like clothing and things that they use at my houseI’m finding myself going to food pantries and begging for money and been dating women that I don’t want to just to use them for cash so I can feed and take care of my childrenwell my soon to be ex wife has finally had enoughand decided to turn me over to collect child support the state paperwork that I looked over looks like I’ll be paying her approximately 350 a monthI don’t like the idea of being somebody’s slave and b and being held under her thumb waiting for her to get me thrown in jail I don’t really know what to do at this point I can’t even afford an attorney sometimes suicide looks like the best option at least my kids would receive survivor benefits from Social Securitythey would get more money than I can provide for them it was all because she wasn’t happy she wanted to open our marriage and sleep with other guys that’s why she wanted the separation and inevitably the divorce

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