Kandi Breaks Down on RHOA Reunion Show

Kandi Breaks Down on RHOA Reunion Show

Update: Kandi is not pregnant with A.J.’s baby, publicist confirms.  The rumor is FALSE. According to MediaTakeout.com, Kandi an unknown celebrity, who is close to Kandi, told MediaTakeout.com that Kandi is pregnant, but her publicists was contacted for confirmation and the rumor was laughed off and denied stating that, “MediaTakeout.com lies all the time.”


Celebrity single mother, Kandi Burrus, and the newest member of Real Housewives of Atlanta breaks down on the yet-to-be-aired reunion show over the death of her ex-fiance, Ashley “A.J.” Jewel, who was killed earlier this month in an altercation at a club, where he was part owner.

Initially thought to have died from injuries as a result of the altercation — a single blow to the head — a recent coroner’s report suggests something less sinister, however.

Apparently, Jewel may have died as a result of complication of sickle cell anemia, where the lack of oxygen due to exertion during the altercation–and not the blows from the altercation itself–may be the cause of death. The final coroner’s findings have yet to be released, however.

The season finale aired last night.

Watch a clip of the reunion show here.

Apparently, A.J. also briefly dated Tiny (Xscape group member and star of reality T.V. show Tiny and Toya (BET), 10 years ago, after the group broke up and Kandi and Tiny weren’t on speaking terms. Being the good person she is, Kandi asked Tiny (who is T.I’s long-time girlfriend/baby’s mama and, now, finace) for permission before getting involved with A.J. Tiny, apparently, wasn’t even thinking about him and told her it was cool.

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