Housewives: Family Says Goodbye to A.J., Fires Back at Media

Housewives: Family Says Goodbye to A.J. , Fires Back at Media

In last night’s episode, we saw Kandi, Ashley “A.J.” and Kandi’s Mom go to a counseling session with a therapist. We also saw the tension between Kandi’s Mom and A.J. at the “engagement” party planned by Kim and Sheree. We also heard, Kandi’s Mom say, “I like A.J. as a person, not just for Kandi.”

Sidebar: A.J.’s Funeral services were held Friday, October 9, 2009. (Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

In this Hello Beautiful article (with pictures of the funeral), the family fires back at the media (reality t.v.) and, especially, the blogs for their misrepresentation of the A.J. . According to the article, A.J.:

1) Married two of his “babies mamas”

2) He took care of 20 children, who were not his, when their parents couldn’t afford to do certain things for them, including paying rent

3) All his children had healthy relationships with A.J.

Read the full post here.

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From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta – all articles on Ashley “A.J.” Jewell

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