Do Single Mothers Create More Single Mothers?

In this Hello Beautiful article, Black and Married With Kids, asks the question: Do Single Moms (who successfully raise their kids without the help of a male counterpart) teach their children that men (fathers) aren’t necessary, thereby creating more single mothers?

So, I ask, (1) are you teaching–by example or words–your girls that men are expendable and your boys that it’s okay for them to walk out of a relationship/marriage, especially if the woman is strong and self-reliant?  (2) Do you think that we, single mothers, are responsible for the breakdown of the family? (3) What about the fathers?

One thought on “Do Single Mothers Create More Single Mothers?

  1. Ohh…teaching your daughter to live without a relationship when they grow up is just not something that a good parent should ever entertain. This is an indication of being bitter for the situation that she is in and just wants company. If she has survived the situation, it is good for her but influencing her children to be like her is definitely unfair and irresponsible.

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