Side Hustle: Professional Organizer

Side Hustle of the Week: Professional Organizer

Got neat-freak tendencies?

ProfessionalOrganizerIf you’re a self-professed neat freak or if your family and friends are always remarking about your organization skills, you could be making some serious extra cash with your in-demand organizational skills as professional organizer.

And, the best thing about it is that you can get started today with no to little investment!

But what exactly do professional organizers do?
Professional organizers help their clients organize their lives. Basically, professional organizers design organization systems for their clients and may also teach organizational skills. This can include everything from work-spaces and closets to garages and home offices.

And why would someone hire you to help them with their organizational issues?

Disorganization negatively impacts a person’s life. And even though people may recognize that they organizational issues, they may not possess the skills to more effectively manage their work and home lives.

How does disorganization negatively impact a person’s life:

(1) Disorganized people waste significant amounts of time looking for
misplaced or lost items – time that could be used for more important
things in his/her life.
(2) Disorganization can lead to unnecessary–and avoidable–stress and

(6 minutes)

(2 minutes)

Sounds great but how much can I make with a professional organizer side hustle?
Most organizers earn $35 – $50 dollars an hour; however, some top organizers earn upwards of $200 per hour, depending on skills, experience and clientle. Watch a YouTube video on Professional Organizers salary.

Think this might be the right side hustle for you? Here are six (6) simple ways to get started as a professional organizer.

(1) Learn all about the Professional Organizer profession from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and become a member.

(2) Read blogs and books about professional organizers and the profession.

(3) Take courses from NAPO on professional organizational skills, which are affordably priced, starting at $29 (members) and $39 (non-members).

(4) Get a Web site/blog and order some business cards. Because you’re just starting out, simple and professional cards are all you need.

(5) Get familiar with organization products and vendors, such as The Container Store.

(6) Set up a portfolio with before-and-after pictures. Start by volunteering your services to friends and family with the goal of building 5-10 examples of your work to show potential (paying) clients. Take high-quality photos and put them in a professional quality portfolio or photo album and on your Web site.

Recommended reading on the Professional Organizer profession:

(1) FabJob Guide to Becoming a Professional Organizer

(2) Born to Organize: Everything You Need to Know About a Career as Professional Organizer

(3) Organizing for a Living: How to Build a Profitable Business as a Professional Organizer

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