Kandi Breaks Down on RHOA Reunion Show

Kandi Breaks Down on RHOA Reunion Show

Update: Kandi is not pregnant with A.J.’s baby, publicist confirms.  The rumor is FALSE. According to MediaTakeout.com, Kandi an unknown celebrity, who is close to Kandi, told MediaTakeout.com that Kandi is pregnant, but her publicists was contacted for confirmation and the rumor was laughed off and denied stating that, “MediaTakeout.com lies all the time.”

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SuperBullies: 5 Teens Set 15-Year-Old Boy On Fire

Ultimate Bullies: 5 Teens Set 15-Year-Old Boy On Fire & More

I’m not sure what’s going on these days, but I’m so tired of hearing horrific stories of teen-on-teen violence. As a single mother of a teenaged boy, my heart goes out to this boy and his mother:

Allegedly five teens, ages 13-15, set 15-year-0ld Michael Brewer on fire after dowsing him with rubbing alcohol.

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Need Money? Get Crafty With Etsy!

Updated 05/25/2018

Side Hustle: Need Money? Get Crafty With Etsy!

Are you the arts-and-crafty type? If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash–or start a whole side hustle business from the comfort of your home, look no further than Etsy!

Say, what? Come again?

Etsy is a global marketplace for artisians of handmade goods. So, if you make something by hand and need to make extra money, you can start your new side hustle today.

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