Domestic Drama: Control the Clutter Already

Domestic Drama: Control the Clutter Already

Cleaning_LadyI’m a self-admitted neat and control freak. I’m not ashamed of it, either.

You see, I’m ADHD to the umpteenth power, so having structure and  order in my life helps me to manage my ADHD.

It’s funny how people who come to my home comment on how clean it is. I smile and say thank you, but inside I know it’s because of my secret.

Usually, people with ADHD are quite the opposite. They are the people at work with the messy desks; they are the friends with the junky cars; or, the best friend with the out-of-control bedroom, and don’t even think about the closet.

But I’m different, and I think it has something to do with the control freak in me.

But there are those very rare occasions, where my house does get downright messy–as a matter of fact, I’m in one right now. When I’m seriously sick, in a funk or stressed out, the last thing I care about is cleaning my house. Continue reading