Best Side Hustles to Start…Well, sort of.

Best Side Hustles to Start…Well, sort of.

So, I read this old but good article on US News & World Report about the best small businesses to start. As I’m reading the list, I’m thinking, these are great businesses–BUT they would make even better side hustles, especially for us side-hustling single mamas, right?

Anyhow, if you’re not up to reading the whole article, here’s the list of the small business that were suggested by US≀ however, my suggestion is to take the information and start getting your side hustle on.  And see, that’s the beauty of the side hustle.  You can get an idea from anywhere and adapt it to fit your single mother lifestyle.

As you take a look at the list, think about how you can adapt the ones you’re interested to become a profit-pulling side hustle.  Remember, anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself. Just think, what starts today as a side hustle could be tomorrow’s multi-million dollar business, started by you!

Without further ado, here are MY recommendations from the list (each business listed links to a page that describes the small business…uh…I mean side hustle in detail). Next to each business, I have put a book that could help you get a start in your new side hustle:

1. Athletic TrainerRecommended Reading: Start Your Own Personal Training Business (Entrepreneur Press) $12.21

2. Career Counselor –  Recommended Reading: The Career Counselor’s Handbook (Ten Speed Press) $13.57

3. Computer Services Recommended Reading: Start Your Own Computer Business: Building a Successful PC Repair and Service Business By Supporting Customers and Managing Money $13.45

4. Financial Advisor Recommended Reading: How to Start Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service $54.95

5. Freelance Web Writer Recommended Reading: Online Markets for Writers: How to Make Money Selling Your Writing on the Internet $15.00

6. TutorRecommended Reading: Tutoring as a Successful Business – An Expert Shows You How $12.89

As always,
Keep it real…and drama free!
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

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