Marry Your Baby’s Daddy Day 2009 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Marry Your Baby Daddy


On September 24, 2009, several unmarried couples w/children will be married during the 3rd Annual Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ in  Charlotte, NC!  The wedding is sponsored by our licensee partner Amanda Sherman of Gala Affairs By AtUrBest.

An all expenses paid wedding extravaganza, celebrity wedding dress designers, vendors and wedding planners are on board to make this a memorable and important moment in the lives of some very fabulous, loving couples.

This year will be magical because it is our first one in the South.  We plan to keep expanding and changing homes one couple at a time.

Maryann Reid, author and organizer of Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ says, “Most of our couples are Black, because it is our community that has the highest 68% out of wedlock rate of all groups.  However, the crippling family structure in this country is just not a Black issue, but a national one.”

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ is an effort to strengthen 2-parent homes and promote marriage and family values.  It’s an invitation to couples who already live together and want to jump the broom in the name of love and their community.

We always hear about “baby mama drama” but we rarely, if ever, hear about those who actually love the mother/father of their children.

To participate or learn more about this event, visit:

And, there’s also a fictional book that’s available for purchase, “Marry Your Baby Daddy” by MaryAnn Reid


When their unassuming Grandma June dies, Giovanna, Fatima, and Keyah are shocked to learn she had saved a small fortune and has left three million dollars to her granddaughters.  But there’s a catch: each sister must marry the father of her children no later than six months after reading the will.

Piece of cake, right?  Wrong.  Each sister has a complicated relationship with her “baby daddy.”

Giovanna, a successful lawyer and a proudly independent woman, has no desire to marry Douglas—even if he is a wonderful dad to their daughter and makes her breath catch when he walks in the room.  She’s got a feeling that Douglas is keeping secrets.  Keyah’s boyfriend, Jag slipped a ring on her finger years ago and seems content to stay forever engaged.  And Fatima’s on-again, off-again relationship with Dune is filled with more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

So why would Grandma June want them to marry these men?  Because sometimes Grandma really knows what’s best. The clock is ticking. Will it be a countdown to wedding bells or disaster?

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™

Purchase your copy of Marry Your Baby Daddy today!

So, are any of you planning to Marry Your Baby Daddy? Getting back with him for the sake of the kids–or, is it a done deal?

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