Single Mom Forced to Have Sex With Son

I’ve heard some sick things in my life–but this has to be one of the worse things I’ve ever heard.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a place where life is supposed to be good, some unspeakable things happened to a then 35-year-old single mother and her 12-year-old son two years ago:  The single mom was first gang-raped and sodomized by as many as 10 teenages during a home invasion robbery; then, the teens took it a step further and forced the mom to have oral sex with her own son at gun point.

Now, I’m not judging the mother because one never knows how they will react in a situation, but I don’t think that I would have cooperated–they would have had to kill me. Widgets

Why? Well, can you imagine how that will affect the mother-son relationship for life? Sexual bounderies between a parent and child should never be crossed under any circumstance becuase it will have long-lasting mental, emotional and physical ramifications that may be hard to overcome and will, undoubtedly, affect other relationships going forward.

One of the accused has pleaded guilty–and, like the others, faces up to 11 life sentences, plus 50 years–and the others are going to trial:

Read the full story and post your comments:

5 thoughts on “Single Mom Forced to Have Sex With Son

  1. From other articles that were posted about this terrible crime, I believe the son’s life was also in danger if they didn’t ‘perform’ as requested. There are some boundaries that in ordinary circumstances should never be crossed but I also believe that in extraordinary circumstances most mothers would to anything to save their child’s life. No doubt you are right about the lifetime ramifications but at least they are both alive to deal with that. Although a mother might say, for herself, that some things are worse than death–I doubt she’d make that kind of decision for her kid.

    • I read about this a year ago ad the thought of something like this happening is disgusting. I do hope that justice will be served harshly against those guilty of this depraved request and I pray for both the mother and son that there are no lasting negative repercussions.
      Linda Evans

  2. Well what I thinjk is that would be such a BAD thing to let happen. But if it dose happen & I’m sure that it happens more than people realize that it dose. But no one is talking bacausethey do not want to have the Hole WORLD jknow about it. But I’m so sure that people around were they live Know all about it.!*

  3. We been taught that moms are holy but they not. Women are human with same issues as other humans. The have just as much issues of lust, sexually feeling, get turn on with boys. Women are sexually to preteen boys and teens boys. All of this touching and holding a boy is not on above the water. Lots of it is sexually.

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