Single Parent Adoption

Single parenthood isn’t something that comes highly recommended. In fact, I wouldn’t recommended it for most people.

And, throw in single parenthood adoption and most might think that it is an invitation to drama. And, you would be right–partly, that is. The other part would be dead wrong.

So, why am I –as a single mother–considering “inviting” drama into my life. Well, the answer is really simple and really complex. Here’s my take:

(1) I absolutely love being a mother–there is no greater reward than loving a child –through good and bad times–and being loved back unconditionally.

(2) I’m not ready to give up my title as mother. Though I can’t physically have any more children, my biological clock is a tickin’, if you know what I mean.

(3) Motherhood gives me a sense of purpose that I can’t get from a job or a relationship with a mate.

(4) I love children and want more; in fact, I’ve always wanted to have six (6) kids or more.

(5) I feel that I’m at a point in my life that I can give a child, especially a child with special needs, (that is, one that has been abused by their biological parent(s) and, as a consequence, has severe emotional and behavioral issues) love, compassion and a safe and secure home.

So, this week, I initiated the process and expressed interest in three children: two siblings and another non-related child. Today, I received a referral and some other related information on the process, which can take 4-6 months, just to become approved.

I’m not naive to child abuse or emotional and physical behavioral problems. I’ve dealt one-on-one with children with severe emotional trauma–so I’m not scared of the challenge.

I’ve seen a few of these children–with love and attention–develop into productive people, and I was glad that I was a part of their lives when they needed me. Additionally, I was a troubled child with emotional issues that developed into a productive person, so I know what the right love and attention can do to someone’s life.

I’m not sure what the future will hold–but I know that I am doing the right thing.

And, my fifteen-year-old son is excited about possibly expanding our family.

If you are a single parent that has adopted a child(ren) or know someone that has, please feel free to share your/their experiences.

Peace, love and blessings,
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

3 thoughts on “Single Parent Adoption

  1. What a lovely photo!

    Congratulations on these early steps on this adoption journey.

    I single-parented my bio kids for most of their childhoods and am now married and raising two little ones we adopted, so don’t fit the profile you’re asking for info from, but being that I adopted at 51 and 53 I am all for doing things a bit differently than others would find sensible.

  2. hey,
    it’s really nice photo.
    We at GoodParenting, blog on various issues of parenting and the recent post on single parenting says some issues with it.
    We think that if every traditional family adopts a orphan.. like a single parent does. then it will solve various social problems isn’t it?

    Let us know your views.

  3. I am a single woman of 31 and I made the decision to adopt a child as well. I am currently knee deep in the process here in Dallas and can not wait until I meet my child. Best wishes and good luck

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