Why I hate Child Abuse!

I hate child abuse–as a child, I experienced various degrees of abuse, so I can’t stand to see any child abuse in any way.   And, there’s absolutely no excuse in the world for it, except in cases like mine where my abuser was/is mentally ill.  However, even then, there are resources availble to families of the mentally ill to ensure the child(ren’s) safety. And, if a child is being abused, by a mentally ill parent, they should be removed from the household. Period. Why? Child abuse leaves emotional and mental scars that remain long after the physical wounds have healed.

Please watch the video below. Please note: The video is not suitable for children:

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if no child were abused.  Would we rid ourselves of career criminals, serial killers, etc.? Sandra Hanks Benoiton blogged about an Web site that makes the assertion that kids that are adopted (and probably those that have been victims of child abuse), have a higher rate of becoming serial killers than the general population. 

If that’s true (and I’m not saying it is), but if it’s true, could we completely change criminal behavior by just protecting our children from abuse?  Tell me what you think? 

Also, I’m looking for information related to single parenting and child abuse stats and, more specifically, infanticide (where the parent takes the life of his/her child(ren).  If anyone has information, please send me the link by leaving the informaiton here.

Thank you,

Peace, love and blessings
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

3 thoughts on “Why I hate Child Abuse!

  1. I blog hopped onto your website. i too HATE child-abuse. I did not suffer from any physical abuse as a child, but i can tell you a lot about emotional ‘hurt’.

    Abuse is just beginning to make headlines in my country.

  2. Hello,

    We have to start somewhere. I have been arguing about this issue for a long time. Child abuse is a bigger issue then people realize in every country. We have a duty as parents to protect our biological children. In my opinion, we also as adults of every county to protect our children. Children globally are OUR children. If we do not protect them who will. Every little bit help. You are talking about it on your blog, that is helpful.

    I really believe that people that care have to stand up as a united front globally and make sure that people become very aware of Child abuse, explotation and harm that comes to children.


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