Atlanta Single Moms: No Thanksgiving Plans?

Are you single mother new to Atlanta with no friends or family and NO THANKSGIVING PLANS?

As a single mother, who was in the same situation five years ago, I know how you feel. In my case, my son and I ended up homeless–in a new city with no friends or family, just angels! Recently, God blessed me with a home (yes, it’s possible to go from homelessness to homeownership in five years! with God’s help, of course), and I would like to share my new home with 10 single mothers and their children for Thanksgiving.

Warning: I don’t have much, but what I do have I’m willing to share with you. That means, I only have two couches, so most will have to sit on the floor. I don’t have any dining/kitchen tables or chairs, so again, you have to not mind sitting on the floor. Also, because I’m a single mother on limited budget (sound familiar), I am asking you to bring store-bought side dishes (to ensure health and safety), drinks or paper plates and utensils. I have a list of what is needed.

You’re welcome to bring movies and/or games for the kids to play. You’re also welcome to bring your own chairs (lol).

If interested, e-mail me back (with a one-paragraph description of your story), and I’ll register you for the Thanksgiving dinner. Sorry, my house is not big, so I can only accommodate 10 single mothers and their kids.

DONATIONS: For those interested in donating food, chairs, games and/or time for this event, please e-mail me. Thank you in advance!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Ms. No Single Mama Drama
And remember, as always, keep it moving and keep it drama free!

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