Five $5 Buck Deals @ Wal-Mart – Continued

So, to combat the unavoidable and even less predictable financial drama that always seems to find its way into a single mother’s life, I went on a hunt to Wal-Mart with only five bucks and a mission: How to stretch five bucks to the max! Here’s a list of five-buck deals at Wal-Mart!

1) Incredible Head $3.42 (No…get your mind out of the gutter…it’s not what you’re thinking..wink, wink!)

Incredible Head - The Best Shower Head

Think a great shower head has to cost a lot? Well, think again! This nifty little shower head provides an awesome showering experience, complete with two adjustable intensities: normal and mist. Now that’s five-buck deal! I love this thing! Read reviews here.

2) Rake $3.97
(Please Note: The rake pictured below is not the exact rake is not the exact rate I purchased for $3.97; check your local Wal-Mart store, as they list more expensive rakes online, of course.)

Remember when I told you about all the leaves in my back yard? Well, I finally decided to bite the bullet and clean the yard myself, since I can’t really afford to pay someone to do it, so I bought a rake. However, this may change since my doctor is testing me for Lyme’s Disease (Yuk!).

3) Six Pair of Boy’s Athletic Socks $3.48 – this week’s circular!
Boys' 6-Pack of Socks

4) Family A-Line Slippers $5.00 (Men’s, Women’s and Children’s sizes) Perfect for X-Mas; in this week’s circular!

Basic Slippers

5) Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom (Daytime and Nightime) $4.96 With cold season right around the corner, you can never have enough medicine to keep the sniffles away from the little ones!

Tylenol Cold

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