Side Hustles – Part II: Make Extra Cash

Side Hustles – Part II: Make Extra Money

As I have previously stated in Part I, most of my single mama drama (SMD) has been unequivocally financial. I’m sure that most single mothers out there would agree. And, more importantly, financial drama can cause a whole lot of other kinds of drama—especially in the romance department.

“Ain’t nothing like two broke folks fighting about what they don’t have; what they can’t do, because they don’t have it; and, why all the drama is the other person’s fault in the first place!”

So what’s a single mama to do?

Get her side hustle on, of course.

Side Hustle of the Week: Find the Perfect Side Hustle For You
on No Single Mama Drama radio

Here are some examples of things I’ve done to get my side hustle on – and, trust me, there’s no shame in my game…lol. Whatever it took to put food on the table, I’ve done it—as long as it was legal and honest work, of course.

Remember, side hustles are not part-time jobs that you work for someone else’s benefit; instead, they are entrepreneurial by design. After all, there’s no greater feeling in the world than making your own money doing something you positively enjoy.

And, what’s best about side hustles is that NO FORMAL EDUCATION or PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. If you always wanted to do something, “Just Do It,” like Nike says. And, starting a side hustle is the perfect way to transition into a new career or to build an empire. You never know, you could be creating a dynasty.

So, without further ado, click here for Side Hustles – Part III, the reveal.

Peace, love and blessings (and, as always, keep it drama free).

7 thoughts on “Side Hustles – Part II: Make Extra Cash

  1. Alright now hustlette. You bringing a tear to my eye. *sniff sniff*

    I feel the same way about getting a second job. I am one parent as it is. Added another responsibility to the load I already have is not gonna work. Nope sure aint. I too am looking into some side hustle opportunities. I wish you luck in yours.

  2. I have been trying to find the “right” side hustle. Its not worth it if it takes me away from my kids for too long or if I have to find babysitting. I would like for them to be involved as well. I keep it very real with my kids…so they need to see what the hustle is really about-not that crap those fake thug rappers talk about…lol

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  6. Looking for some extra work to make extra cash?
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