Side Hustles – Part III: Make Extra Cash

Side Hustles – Part III: Make Extra Cash

Ms. No Single Mama Drama’s Top Side HustlesThese are the ones that I, at one point or another, did to escape financial drama. Yes, I did every one of these at some point or another, and I’m only thirty-something. So, you can, too! Warning: The list is LONG.

Check out my blog post:
Side Hustles: How to Get Started

Water Seller
Sold water at parks/sporting events on super hot days

Candy House

We were the candy/ice cream apartment – My motto: “Don’t walk to the store, shop at apartment number 4” (lol)

Button Maker

Created buttons for schools, churches and local organizations fund raising efforts

Personalized Greeting Card Designer

Created personalized greeting cards (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc)

Memory Book Maker

Created personalized memory books, including new births, weddings, anniversaries, family tree/history

Wedding/Party Favor Maker

Created personalized wedding favors – started with friends who referred customers to me

House Cleaner
Cleaned up friends/neighbors apartments for cash or barter

Medical Transcriptionist Perfect for single mothers/stay-at-home moms
This is my favorite side hustle – I took this side hustle and parlayed it into a full-time career. I had the opportunity to work at home and in the office. Click here to learn how I learned Medical Transcription at home.

Freelance Copywriter (Advertising/Direct Mail)
Because I love to write (even before I earned a B.A. in English), I was able to earn additional income working as a freelance copy writer. I started writing for free and parlayed this into a career as well. Currently, I work as a Web Analyst/Web Content Editor.

Freelance Magazine Writer
My first paying magazine gig was for a local jazz/book review magazine, which only paid .02/per word. However, I built a portfolio of clips that eventually landed me in my current position. I have also worked as an editor of an indie magazine and a fact checker/editorial assistant at a national publication.

Graphic Designer
I started learning graphic design in high school. I continued to tinker with design throughout my other careers, volunteering to do graphic work for my employers. Again, I built a portfolio of work. I was then able to use my portfolio to land freelance gigs.

Web Designer/Web Analyst
In order to promote my freelance writing services, I needed a Web site, but I didn’t have the money to pay a designer. So, I decided I would build the site myself and did a pretty decent job with Yahoo! Sitebuilder. That experience landed me a full-time gig as a Web Design Services Quality Assurance Team Lead for a Web Design company within a few months of learning my new skills. I currently manage the content of a major government agency’s Web site.

Desktop Publisher

I used my “limited” design skills and Microsoft Publisher to create some pretty eye-catching newsletters for physicians that I did medical transcription for. See how you can provide additional services to an existing customer base?

E-Newsletter Editor/Print Publisher
I started an underground “mini magazine” and sold advertising to generate revenue.

Pre-Paid Legal Sales

I, along with my son, my boyfriend, and his son, sold Pre-Paid Legal services. Though I don’t sell this anymore – this is one service I wouldn’t be caught dead without.

Sales Representative
When my son was an infant, I sold Avon to earn some extra cash.

Concert/Event Promoter
Now, this is where I shine! Before I had my son, I would get out there with the people have fun and make some money for real. I charged a fixed fee for promotions. I helped to promote some very popular Compton-based rappers in the late ‘80s (at the time, they were

Friday Night Fish Dinners – Cook’s Assistant/Salesperson
My friend and I were broke and needed rent money. With food stamps (this probably was illegal, but, hey, we were desperate and not saved at the time) and her cooking skills, we sold dinners on Friday nights. This little deal got so popular (mostly because of my friend’s cooking skills) that one day a fight broke out because we sold out of a BBQ dinner:>)

So, as you can see, anything that you enjoy doing or would like to do is fair game as a side hustle. I like to experiment with new skills or career options (as you can see). That way, I can test my new dream career before actually committing to it. If you decide to turn it into a full-time gig, you can always show that you have valuable experience that people have been willing to pay you for.

Peace, love and blessings (and, as always, keep it drama free).

13 thoughts on “Side Hustles – Part III: Make Extra Cash

  1. This is what I am talking about! I see things I haven’t even thought to try or do. My mind is on overload, trying to think of which one I am going to try out first.

    Thanks girlie.

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  3. Thank you for your site it is very informative! I have a full time job and a 2 yr old. I am currently very restless trying to find someway to improve my life and finances for me and my daughter. I read all the side hustle jobs and this sounds very much like the path I want to take to add some more fulfilling things in my life. However, I have no idea how to get started in any of them. Like for instants, saleing buttons, I mean how do you find people that want to buy them???

  4. Single Mom Restless!:

    Don’t worry. Instead, take action.

    First, take stock of your hobbies and interests. Once those are identified, you’ll have a better understanding of what you could do to make some extra money.

    Here are some ideas for a button-making business:

    Parents, whose kids play sports, can make and sell sports and/or team themed buttons. This could be used a fundraiser.

    Got special events coming to your town?
    Sell event-specific buttons at fairs, flea markets, etc.

    Purchase your button-making equipment from badge-a-minit:

    Here are some ways to make extra money with buttons from the Badge-a-Minit Web site:

    Good luck!

  5. I love your blog site and the way you try to give others different types of ideas to earn xtra cash. My question to you is how do you get the clientile, for like event planner or even coming up with party favors, and is there a site where you can buy your supplies in a bundle for a cheap rate? Thanks for the push


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