Britney’s Gimme More Video & Her Single Mama Drama

Britney GigglesAccording to Google, Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” video is the second most searched term on the Internet (updates every hour). 

Watch Britney’s Gimme More video here.

The video, which has been linked online to Web sites like YouTube, was pulled by RCA records.  Read about Briney Spears’ “Gimme More” video and single at 13WAM Web site.

Some of Britney’s single mama drama is real, but I suspect that a good portion of it is an attempt to keep her hot (at least in the minds of the public to generate record sales, especially after her Sept. 10 performance).  But is it worth losing your children over?  I think not.  I wish she would wake the heck up. Read Britney Spears custody drama here.

Spears bombs at comeback appearance

Spears bombs at comeback appearance

So, my question is this: With all of Britney Spears’ self-induced single mama drama, are we truly interested in the video or are we fascinated with Britney’s mission to self destruct?

Peace, love and blessings (and, of course, keep it drama free).  Will somebody please tell homechick?

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