Welcome to Ms. Single Mama Drama’s World

Well, I’m finally doing what I’ve been thinking about for years: writing about my adventures as a single mama – and, boy, did I have some!

Because I’ve been through every SINGLE MAMA DRAMA scenario that you can think of…from being no-pot-to-potty-in broke, to (unknowingly and unwillingly) becoming a star player in a “War of the Roses” type of real-life drama, I believe I have a God-given obligation to use my life’s experiences – whether good, bad or horrible – to help other single mothers live drama-free lives.

Some of the things I’ve been through will make you cry (heart-wrenching confessionals). Some will make you laugh (these are so downright funny, they’re unbelievable). Some will make you wonder what the heck I was thinking (did I miss the common sense bus that day?) And, some are so unfair (you’ll be mad for me). But with every life experience, I learned a lot about people, life and, most of all, myself and how to live a drama-free life!

But this blog is not just about me – it’s about you, too and, more importantly, about our children and how we, as their primary caregivers, have a responsibility to improve their quality of life by eliminating the SINGLE MAMA DRAMA!

So, c’mon already, your drama-free life is waiting for you…right around the corner.

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