What Women Can Learn from Murderess Carla Hughes About Relationships

What Women Can Learn from Murderess Carla Hughes About Relationships

In a recent post, 5 Signs Your Man is a Fool Called Crazy, I wrote about how women–and that includes all women to some degree or another–have had a fool, been a fool and accepted foolishness at some point in our lives.

And Carla Hughes is proof positive of that.

Carla Hughes’ out-of-control love (or lust) for a man ruined the lives of innocent victims and her own. And, as you can see, no man, especially a philandering womanizer (or low-down dirty dawg in my estimation) is worth taking a life and losing your own to life-long prison sentence.  And look at Keyon Pittman now: he’s cuddled up with his new wife, while she’s off to prison, where she can’t be a mother to her son for the rest of her life.

But, like I said before, all foolishness–and this qualifies as top-notch foolishness–has a purpose. This one can teach women about what having relationships with attached/married men will get them:

(1) Don’t get involved with an attached or married man period!Carla Hughes knew that Keyon Pittman was engaged to and living with his fiance and that they were expecting a child, so she should have fully expected to be treated like the jump off (the chick on the side, primarily used for sex) she was. Unfortunately, some men, like Keyon Pittman, didn’t expect to get the nookie from a girl called crazy, Carla Hughes, and didn’t expect the jump off  to be as crazy as she was. Unfortunately, some jump offs are crazy enough to kill innocent pregnant woman, like Avis Banks and her unborn child.

Why Messing with an Attached or Married Man is Wrong:
Getting involved with an attached or married man says a lot about the woman, just like it does the man. Any woman willing to be less than a man’s first and only priority is telling that man and the world that she is willing to accept anything because she doesn’t love or respect herself.  Grow a self-esteem already and get your own man, puhleese.

Carla Hughes basically gave Keyon Pittman a pass to treat her anyway he wanted because she let him by becoming his jump off.  Once you do that, a man loses total and complete respect for you, and he will never be the man you want and need him to be, so stop trying.  If you’re stupid enough to be a man’s jump off then play your position–and expect whatever karma has in store for you, even if its prison for life. Is any man really worth all that?

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Single Mom Carla Hughes Convicted of Killing Pregnant Rival

Single Mom Carla Hughes Convicted of Killing Pregnant Rival

Carla Hughes, a 28-year-old single mother of a six-year-old boy and highly educated school teacher, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for brutally killing her boyfriend’s (Keyon Pittman) pregnant fiance, Avis Banks.

Avis Banks – Victim

Avis Banks - Murder VictimAvis Banks, a quiet woman, had her life cut short for doing nothing but falling in love with a womanizer. The guy, Keyon Pittman, has since moved on with his life, including getting married. Now, ain’t that something?

Carla Hughes – Murderer

Carla Hughes - Sentenced to Life in PrisonThis is proof positive that smart women do dumb stuff behind stupid men and in the name of love!

Like the victim’s father said, “Keyon Pittman doesn’t keep women around for long. Had Hughes waited six months, she would have gotten her turn.”